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Alliance to end plastic waste supports Omniya

Omniya obtained a non-profit plastic collection company that launched the first Kuwaiti electronic application to establish a system to sort plastic from the source to instill the behavior of its collection and recycling in the individual in society, which is the best solution to preserve the environment from the damage of plastic backfill as well as taking advantage of plastic to create a new industrial sector, which is recycling.

Farah Shaaban, Chief Operating Officer at Omniya, said that our obtaining this accreditation came after great efforts and nomination from EQUATE Petrochemical Company as it is a strategic sponsor of the project, which is a plastic producer sector, so it is keen to invest in how to dispose of it. Obtaining the accreditation of this global alliance is a recognition of the importance of the work we do and that we have created what suits our culture as a cooperative civil society with a special method of dealing with waste, and this is what contributed to the alliance's admiration with the security and adoption to achieve a correct and studied circular economy in cooperation with the government and private sectors.

Shaaban concluded by thanking and gratefully to EQUITE and the Alliance and stressed that this dependence increases the responsibility on us as we are the first project in the Gulf to receive this support from this important body to achieve a qualitative leap with experienced people to achieve the goals of the United Nations as well as to achieve the security of a new Kuwait.