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Omniya in Ashura

Omniya collects a ton of plastic from Hussania Al-Bohra Center in Ashura:


The representative of the Omniya electronic application, Aaya Bader, said that the application aims to collect plastic and instill a culture of sorting plastic waste from the source, to raise awareness among the individual and the community, based on the importance of recycling it to preserve the environment, pointing to the initiative of the Bohra Center for the Indian Community, which aims to extend cooperation through the cleanliness campaign of faith.

Bader said, in a press statement, that the representative of the center, Hussein Kika, expressed his interest and awareness of the amount of plastic used through the revival of Husseini rituals during the first ten days of the month of the month of the last Muharram, and indeed cooperation has been carried out since the first day, adding that the amount collected is equivalent to a ton of plastic where we received it and appealed to all Husseiniyas to follow this beautiful and meaningful approach that actually contributes to achieving a security.