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Omniya launches a sustainable agricultural environmental in al-wafa kindergarten

Farah Shaaban, Chief Operating Officer, said:

Launching a distinguished and unique cooperation in our beloved country Kuwait, which is the adoption of agriculture in the Al-Wafa kindergarten, where a fila represented by Mr. Mohammed Al-Kulaib, offers her agricultural experience. Portarage Road Services represented by Mr. Mannai Al-Mannai sponsors a greening educational edifice project with knowledge and sustainable goals and providing a healthy and beautiful environment for our livers.

Shaaban added that this project is a realization of the wish for our ambassador in the Al-Rumaithiya area, Majda Al-Azmi, because of her desire to see Kuwait is green. We from the private sector, met to develop the mechanism aimed at educating children about the importance of agriculture and educating them through simple practical information. We create a generation aware of the importance of sorting plastic from waste for security and linking it to achieving food security in an innovative and flexible way.

In conclusion, my sincere thanks to the Director of the Kindergarten Miss Zainab Al-Ali and her distinguished team of teachers who made fun of all the difficulties for us and gave us this opportunity to achieve a wish with them, as well as Faila and Portraj for their faith in achieving the wish of all schools in Kuwait.