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Omniya and AI

Kuwait Times: Why Does Omniya target the Indian community? Shaban: The Indian community in our beloved country Kuwait consists of more than one million residents. They contribute to the development of this nation, and their cultural background stems from a good awareness of plastic sorting and recycling in their country. They represent the largest group of workers who actually benefit from the rewards sys- tem offered by the Omniya digital application, mak- ing them the primary target audience. KT: With regards to using artificial intelli- gence, what are the potential effects of this step? Shaban: The use of artificial intelligence tech- nology has provided us with a great opportunity to reach the Indian community in a pleasant and flexible manner. Our upcoming plan is to disseminate aware- ness messages to download the Omniya application for collecting plastic, which is the first of its kind in

Kuwait and the Arab Gulf. KT: Have Omniya found any positive impact for using artificial intelligence? Shaban: The impact of this announcement has resulted in over 20,000 views so far, spreading through social media platforms such as WhatsApp and Facebook, especially among domestic workers.KT: What marketing strategies does artificial intelligence offer to Omniya, and to what extent does Omniya benefit from using Artificial Intelli- gence today?Shaban: Omniya believes in the capabilities of Ku- waiti youth and has started collaborating with Salem Al-Ateeby, a Kuwaiti youth specializing in artificial intelligence technology. We have developed a com- plete strategy to expand and reach the target audi- ence, aiming to achieve the highest possible number of downloads for the Omniya application, increasing awareness among individuals about the importance of plastic sorting from its source to protect the environ- ment and achieve true sustainability goals by estab- lishing a recycling sector. Education is also a crucial sector within our plan, and we have started using arti- ficial intelligence technology in this regard.