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Omniya Scools competition

Omniya: We collected 150 tons of plastic in two months from 48 schools.

The "Omniya Your School" environmental competition concluded in its first edition, in cooperation between the Ministry of Education and the "Environmental Omniya" project, at the ministry's theater under the auspices of the Assistant Undersecretary for Educational Development and the activities commissioned by Mariam Al-Enrzi, and the presence of Hessa Al-Mutawa, Assistant Undersecretary for General Education Affairs, Sanaa Al-Ghimlas and Farah Shaaban from the "Omniya" team. The coordinator of the competition, Aaya Bader, in a press statement, announced today that Salah Al-Din High School won first place in the quantities collected during the competition period, followed by Asma Bint Amr Al-Ansariya Primary School - Girls, and Bayan High School for Girls came in third place.

Bader explained that the "Your School's Wish" competition was launched on October 1, 2023 until November 30 of the same year, with the aim of deploying a security application to collect plastic, instilling the behavior of sorting plastic waste from the source, and creating a generation aware of the importance of recycling plastic to preserve the environment of Kuwait, pointing out that during that period, more than 150 tons of plastic were collected in only 60 days from 48 government schools of all educational levels. “According to the standards of deployment, we reached 125,000 people in Kuwait, and tens of thousands of people at the provincial level,” she added.