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Omniya launches its first watch made of recycled materials

In a remarkable presence, the Omniya application for plastic collection achieved the registration of a large number of the audience of the Kuwait Sustainability Exhibition dedicated to promoting the concept of sorting plastic waste from the source with the aim of recycling it and protecting the environment of Kuwait. In this aspect, Aaya Bader, the general coordinator of the application, said that participation in the Kuwait Sustainability Fair for the second year in a row achieved a very satisfactory success for the number of registered in the application, and direct communication with the public was very useful.Bader revealed the launch of the first Kuwaiti watch made of recycled materials, the first of its kind in cooperation with the Kuwaiti young Abdulrahman Shihab, owner of the timewatch brand. She said that "the exhibition was very important, bringing together sustainability specialists, as well as the audience interested in the environment."