lelat omir

Omniya use entertainment to promote environmental awarness and waste sorting behavior 

Sanaa AlGhemlas the CEO of Omniya Company said Omniya Application launched lsat march 9 aims to instill plastic waste soorting behavior from the source to spread a culture of recycling and raise enviormental awarness amoung the individual and the community in Kuwait.

The initiave of Laila Omar for artistic production company in collaboration with Omniya came as a result of contributing to the publication of the app, which has acheived an unforseen success.

she added that this cooperation in the entertainment field was reached and registered. in the app from 90% of the Kuwaiti audience who attended the concert within three days, which exceeded almost 30 thousand people.

AlGhemlas called on all the private sector to cooperate in order to acheive the New Kuwait Vision, talking the initative of the compaly Laila Omar as an example at all levels in terms of contribution and social responsibility in preserving the Kuwaiti environment from the risks of plastic waste.